Build a Safe and Strong Deck

Build a Safe and Strong Deck

Antero-thumbDecks can be a beautiful extension of a home and in many ways have become necessity in resell value. It is a great place to spend your time, entertain guests or just relax with friends and family. 

Although, the usual life span of an average exterior wood deck is about 15 years, older decks can fall without any warning and that is why it is necessary to make several code specific connection points to build a safe and strong deck. Some of the ways by which a safe and strong deck can be build are:

Hire a professional Deck Builder

No matter how good you are, you can never build a deck as good as a professional deck builder. Hiring a professional for deck builder is the preferred option to consider because an expert will provide you a safe, secure and strong deck that will stand for many years to come.

Continuous Load Path:

Today, the modern builders make use of a constant load path to transfer the weight through a series of numerous positive connections all over the structure of the deck. Loads are moved from the top down of footings to the point of connection till the structure of the home. The use of continuous load courses helps resist lateral motion, uplift and the weight of deck users. Decks need safe connections to have an excellent constant load path.

Deck-Builder-3Vital Links:

Ledger Attachment: This is one connection where the ledger is connected with our home. Ensure to use lag screws or through- bolts instead of nails in crucial areas for a proper deck building.

Joints: Joining stairs appropriately is should because stairs are amongst the most critical connections of the deck. Make sure to tie each stair step or tread to the stair stringers and use post bases to connect the posts of the concrete or footing slab below your deck.

Combat Rust.

If you live in the area that is prone to moisture from rainfall or humidity, the threat of rust is higher and it is essential to make certain that you utilize the connectors that are made from steel with appropriate surface. While selecting the adapters, see to it to consider how the climate and the environment can affect your deck.

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