Moving to a New House – Some Tips

Moving to a New House – Some Tips

Are you planning on moving to a new house? In that case proper planning is very important for a smooth move. You should start the planning process by writing down all the aspects of the move.

First make a list of what items you will be taking with you to your new house and what items will be discarded. Once you have sorted out the items that need to be discarded you can either donate it to charity or have a garage sale at least two week before the day you move. If you will have a garage sale always do some advertising locally so that more people will come.

If you intend doing it by yourself, you will have to collect all the required supplies for packing the items that need to be moved. This should be done well in advance as it takes time to pack things. You will need boxes that can be purchased at a local store or from a moving company. It may be better to buy boxes from a moving company as they are designed to keep the goods safe and are very strong. You will also need bubble wrap, tape, scissors, and the blade when doing your packing, so don’t forget to buy them.

You should plan where the items would be placed in the new house. It would be a good idea to make a floor plan for this. Doing this will help you having to make decisions on the spot when unloading the truck. Always make travel plans early. It would b best to keep them a bit flexible as there could be unforeseen changes to and you can then accommodate and schedule changes. Pack all important documents separately so that they are accessible always.

Don’t forget to contact your post office and inform them of your change of address. Inform family, friends, banks, insurance companies and any utility companies of your new address. Adding weight to your move may cost you more money so try to get rid of unnecessary items such as old toys magazines and any broken items.

Then when the day comes you will need help from as many friends and family you can, to help load and unload the boxes. This is if you are planning on doing the move yourself.

However, if you hire a moving company, your life will be made much easier. They are professionals and can handle any household items. They will have the tools and machinery to do a professional and clean job. They will also be insured, so you know your goods are always safe.


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