Residential Areas of Indonesia

Residential Areas of Indonesia

People who are looking to live in Indonesia will mostly be attracted to the area around the capital city Jakarta. This is one of the best areas to jual rumah keeping in mind it is a prime area. The truth is there are many places to live away from the capital for people who do not have to stay inside the capital city.

There are different cities in the country, and each one of them has something unique to offer regarding housing. This will depend on the amount you want to spend and also the lifestyle you want to live.

Major areas to live


Bintaro is in the western part of the capital Jakarta and many people see it as a suburbs of the city. This is an expensive residential area, and you are not likely to live here if you are working on a tight budget. People who live here are willing to spend a bit more on rent, or they buy their mansions to live.

Living in Indonesia is quite easy keeping in mind that you have access to schools and places of worship. For people who are looking to stay there for some time, there are many good hotels for people who want to tour the capital city.


BSD is known as the best place to live according to many people and especially in the middle class. The houses you will find in this area are suitable for the middle class who can’t live in the slums but as well cannot afford to live in the suburbs.

BSD was constructed to look like a private community with everything being included in the community. Here you will find schools, shopping malls and places of worship in the same area to make a close-knit community. In BSD, you will find different communities each different from the others.

Pondok Indah

This is one of the suburbs areas of Jakarta, and this is the most sought after area for people looking for a high-end area to live. It is very close to the international airport, and this means that expatriates who might travel out of the country frequently. The nature of the area is almost close to the Beverly Hills we know today.

Kelapa Gading

This is the southern part of the capital city where you will found almost everything. It is a blend of both commercial and residential area, and many people call it a city within a city. The residential focuses on people on the middle class to upper class. Living in Kelapa is quite easy, you have access to all the social amenities.…

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